Vegetarian Recipe #1: Avocado Burger

The idea here is to take avocado and form it into a patty shape which can be placed in an egg substitute or melted butter, and then covered with breading of your choice.

So it would benefit you to have:

-Ripe Avocado


-Melted butter or egg substitute


-Lemon/lime juice

-Whatever you want to add

-Choice of frying oil



Before you do anything, to prevent discoloration, apply a tablespoon or so of lemon juice to each avocado you’re going to use.

The avocado is going to get really mushy and fall apart if it isn’t condensed and cooled down. It is the meat of your meal and should be treated as such; however, taking into consideration of its unique properties, cooling down your avocado patty before frying it can help maintain its form.

Season your breading if you want. Heat your oil to frying temperature. I suggest a blend of canola oil and peanut oil for best taste.


Fry for four minutes on medium/high heat. Add stuff that you like.





Joshua R. Autrey Serrano (Beginner-level Vegeterian)


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Ruth’s Chris Steak House | New York Steak & Lobster Macaroni and Cheese


If you haven’t been to Ruth’s Chris, it was an experience worth repeating.

Prices are comparable to Mastro’s Ocean Club, which is slightly more expensive than Black Angus.

As shown by the Taste Cube, there is a distinctive class to the seasoning used at Ruth’s Chris. My New York steak was moderately seasoned.

The lobster mac & cheese was not the only side, though it is a restaurant favorite. Expect consistent chunks of lobster with the option of lemon which I recommend.

The garlic mashed potatoes deserve an honorable mention, as well as the appetizers. Bread is complimentary, and of wide variety.

Each location is said to vary slightly; however, if any can hold a candle to the establishment in Irvine, California, they’re worth the time, money and travel.

I go about once annually. I’d go more often, but trying new places is what keeps us young.